Battle of Austin Competitions

Battle of Austin XVI

Saturday, March 14th


Registration ends

Thursday, March 12th

If you're a School Owner and would like more information about how to get your students involved in Battle of Austin Comptetions, email us at
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Welcome to the Battle of Austin!


-A semi-annual Martial Arts Tournament in Central Texas




Check out this website for more info and come compete with us and have an amazing time while furthering your skills.



What to expect this year!

Tournaments are all about challenge, competition, and fun!

As martial artists, we constantly train to be the best.  Most large martial art organizations will only let members of their own organization compete against each other.  How to we improve if we don't challenge ourselves against those who don't train the same as we do?  

This is why this is an Invitational Tournament.  This means we will invite dojangs from all over to come and compete.  This way we can give all a chance to push them self and gauge where they are in their training and what areas need to improve.  Come find out more and give us a chance to help you in your goals.

Contact Us

304 Hazelwood St, Ste 1

Leander, TX 78641

Tel: 512-461-9485

The Battle of Austin is a Central Texas taekwondo invitational tournament.  Your school must be invited to the tournament for you to attend.  Talk to your instructor about getting an invitation.

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