Divisions for the 16th Semi-Annual Battle of Austin

There are several different divisions that you can compete in.  With basic registration, you are signed up for 1 or 2 events of your choosing.  You can pick and choose which additional events you would like to compete in as well.  (additional charge)

Forms (traditional)

Hyungs, Poomse, Katas, Patterns, Forms for your current rank

Competitors perform their current pattern (or one rank below current pattern) in front of 3 judges for a score between 1 and 10.  Judging is based on: precision, timing, power, intensity, focus, stances, preparation, and comprehension.  For more information on this event, check out our "handbook".

Point Sparring

Double elimination bracket


Competitors spar with controlled contact to the head and trunk.  Proper gear must be worn at all times. (See handbook).

Rounds are 2 minutes or first to 10 points.



  • 1 point for punches to the head or trunk (not face)

  • 1 point for kicks to the leg (Black Belts only)

  • 2 points for kicks to the trunk

  • 3 points for kicks to the head

Power Breaking

Adults (14+) break wooden boards (11")  Juniors break re-breakable boards.


Adults prechoose how many boards they will attempt.  Any technique with only 1 attempt.  Winners are first by # of boards broken and if tied, by % broken.  Boards will be held, not set on bricks.


Juniors start at lowest rebreakable board for age and work upward.  Must use step side kick, and all ranks have 3 non-break attempts total.

Skill Breaking

Competitors break re-breakable boards of thier own age.

Competitors prechoose two breaks that they will perform on the re-breakables.  These breaks are told to the judges before competition begins.  One attempt for the first break, then one attempt for the second break.  Each break has a difficulty score.  The successful breaks are given points.  The unsuccessful breaks are given a score of 0.  The competitor with the highest score wins.


  • Hand techniques = 2points

  • Standing/Stepping/Sliding kicks = 2points

  • Spin/Jump kicks = 4points

  • Step spin/Jump spin kicks = 6points

  • 360 jump kicks or better = 8 points

*No knees, spear hands, or head strikes will be allowed.

Team Breaking

5 members per team, only 2 holders, and 1 setter

Breaks are palm heel and step side kick.  Each member has 5 attempts per board.  Best time wins.  (see handbook for complete rules)


Board Sizes:

  • 6 year old - 3"

  • 7-9 year old - 5"

  • 10/11 year old - 7"

  • 12/13 year old - 9"

  • 14+ (women) - 11"

  • 15+ (men) - 11"

Speed Kicking

Single elimination bracket

Color belts race to 15 kicks on clapper targets.  Best 2 out of 3 rounds wins.  Must switch legs for 2nd round.

Black Belts race to 20.

Kicks are:

  • All Belts:  Round kicks (no inside crescents, and must contact side of target, and contact floor before each kick)

Little Warriors (ages 3-5)

All Little Warriors receive an award

Competitors "compete" in three different divisions per ring.


First, a 30 second free-style form (may use padded/foam weapons)

Second, speed kicking with front kicks to 10.

Third, break a board!