• Seeding and byes are randomly generated by the computer.

  • We are using a double-elimination bracket.

  • Everyone will get to spar at least 2 rounds.

  • After the first loss, you will be placed in the "secondary bracket" and you will have the chance to place 2nd or 3rd.

  • To win 1st place you must win every round you spar and have no losses.

  • In the final round of the "main bracket" the winner of the final round gets 1st place.

  • The loser of the final round of the "main bracket" goes against the final person in the "secondary bracket".

  • If the loser in the final round of the "main bracket" has already sparred and beat the person who is the final round of the "secondary bracket", the two people will not spar and the results of the original match will stand.