Our Vision

Our vision is to make a memorable tournament experience where Taekwondo students from all over can come and have fun competing with each other.  We want a safe tournament full of strong competition but without negative feelings.



Why an Invitational?

There are many large Martial Art organizations throughout the United States with large numbers of dojangs/dojos.  However, many of these organizations host only "closed" tournaments for their own students.  Many Martial Art schools do not belong to an organization because they do not believe the same or choose not to follow​ these groups.  There are many reasons for this, but it also means that they do not get a chance to compete as often as members of these groups.

Members of these organizations don't get a chance to see how they fair against other styles of Martial Arts either.  For these reasons and more, we are an invitational.



Make Friends

In competition we try our best to win while having a good attitude.  Through this, we develop comradary and friendship.  Many of the competitiors that you compete with this year, you will compete with next year.  We then look forward to seeing them at tournaments and network ideas and training amongst fellow martial artists.


Return year after year

This tournament is designed to help you grow and achieve success through competition.  After you compete, we want to know how your experience was.  Let us know year after year what you love and what we can work on so that you continue to have success.  Thus you help to shape a tournament experience that you want to come to.


Learn and Grow

Finally, we all can learn and grow in our skills and ways of thinking through competition with peers that don't train with us.  They have different ways of accomplishing something.  They have different ways of explaining concepts.

Use this type of networking to improve yourself.